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Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC

Why Wholesale?

Wholesaling is by far the quickest way to sell your boat. Here at off the hook yacht sales, we are able to make an offer, inspect, and close on most boats within 3-5 days! We will not waste any time and make fair wholesale offers based off true market value of your vessel. Off the hook yacht sales has a proven process for both dealers and private sellers to liquidate their used boats and trades immediately! We have been the industry leader in marine wholesale since 2012. Fast, fair and competitive numbers.

Benefits include:

Also, if you are looking to move onto a different boat, we can help find that next boat at a great price! Here at Off the Hook Yacht Sales, we constantly work with clients who are looking to move up or down in size and stay in touch when that perfect vessel comes across our desk.


Simply complete the form below and we will contact you!